Since 1981 Retrofit and Rejuvenate Rejuvenate your KAM 8 with our Retrofit - Replacement Light Kit The kit comes with: - Two (2) Kam 8 Replacement Light Fittings for use with   all cabinets that have Tube-type Light Fittings in either   the Vertical or Horizontal positions. - One (1) Replacement Ballast. - Two (2) Starters. Ex Lismore at $179.35  excluding GST. Note: we recommend using the Replacement Ballast and Starters even if the existing fittings are still working. Each Light Fitting is made from bright, annealed Stainless Steel, has opaque, Polycarb Diffuser, high-heat tolerance ceramic Connector Blocks, Silicone Wiring & Silicone Grommet. Designed so that in the future you can replace the Light Tubes when they fail without a major fight to do it. The Assembly is for 2 x 18w Colour 83 Triphosphor Tubes integrated to 1 Ballast and 2 Starters. Note 1:  The Runner Assemblies on each side of the cabinet must be undone and               removed to retrofit this Light Rejuvenating Kit.  The kit complies with               HACCP Light Cover Requirements that will improve your Food               Presentation and make Light Maintenance a lot, lot easier. Note 2:  Actual Installation of these Fittings to be performed by a competent               Tradesperson to comply with relevant Legislation. Phone:  1800-730-526 from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. Email: for general information: for sales enquiries: Reg’d TM