Since 1981 Our KAM 8-4 Hot Food Cabinets are Australian-made & each one is a cabinet that heats - holds - displays - saves money ... and makes money!   Our objective has always been, and is, to achieve the longest quality Food Shelf- Life possible, for Hot, Portioned Foods, which means your  Customers come back again and again because what they buy tastes so good! And only  you  know how long you have been holding that Food for ...  before it was sold. The KAM 8-4 is extremely good value-for-money.  Do your sums on 10 Portions, or Pies, wasted each day but now saved, and you will have got back your entire Investment in one  year, for something that should still be working in 30 years' time. We've long ago achieved the 48-hour, sealed quality Pie in good eating condition. It's going over 10 years (as at Sept 2010) since we achieved 24-hour hot Shelf-Life for open- topped Quiche. This is part of our history that we have refined again and again, and we will continue to refine. Our KAM 8-4 is the result of that process and Customer-feedback, so that, today, you can enjoy the benefit of having a Hot Food Cabinet that heats from cold, holds hot and displays brilliantly, with a very long Shelf-Life if needed.-The catalyst for this latest development is the increasing requirement to heat from cold (not frozen), and our own experience that, since we introduced Electronics to replace the proven mechanical Controls, unfortunately our Customers suffered a fourfold increase in Temperature Control failures, which is not what we're about. As a result, we can now offer you a KAM 8-4 knowing it is the most reliable, serviceable Cabinet we have ever made, and one that can be working for you for decades to come. Here are some basics ... - Stainless Steel construction. - Using the best Insulation available to us, to maximise heat usage and minimise Power Consumption, that also keeps the exterior "very safe" to touch. - One Rotary Switch controlling two Thermostats and variable current flows, to three custom-designed Elements (probably the most reliable Elements made anywhere). - The now-proven, baffled, Airflow System that puts heat where you need it, and keeps most of it within the Cabinet, even with lots of opening and closing of Doors. - Simple things like Contactor Power Switching to minimise downtime even further, and the use of much-longer-lasting Silicone Grommets, instead of Rubber. - Various Layout Options to achieve maximum workplace efficiency at your place, which is why we assemble to order. - Stainless Steel "U" Channel Chassis Ribbing in the Side Walls for strength, and rigidity. - A Lighting System ... that is brilliant ... and is the easiest by far, of any available, to maintain - with long-life, ceramic Connectors; polycarb Diffusers, and enough room to get the Tube out without a fight. - Probably there is no better Double-Glazing (if you're having it) in a Hot Holding Cabinet, anywhere, and now repairable if broken (not the much-more expensive total replacement cost). In creating this KAM 8-4 Cabinet. that’s made for decades of use (not just years) we have reduced the number of wearing parts, lengthened the life of those remaining wearing parts, made them easier to replace, and contained their costs as much as we could. Yes, we would very much like you to enjoy the benefits of our new KAM 8-4 Hot Food Cabinet, with all its new refinements, that have (since 2008) years of proven use of the Heat or Hold Element Switching System , we now use and, for which,  we are already getting repeat business. Kam 8 Mark 4  Hot Food Holding & Display Cabinets Reg’d TM More Information