Reg’d TM Usage Suggestions. Since 1981 Back to Home Page Back to top Back to top Usage Suggestions for your KAM 8-4 Cabinet:- TO HEAT FOOD FROM COLD -  1. Turn the Rotary Switch to Heat. 2. A suggestion - set Heat Thermostat to 75°C for starters (this has proved very successful in many months of field tests) with Lights left on. NOTE: If heating above 80°C turn off the Lights. 3. Insert cold food (+ 4°C) into cold Cabinet. 4.  After 20 minutes - check, check, and recheck, till you establish your routine. Do not overheat. How long will it take before your products are ready to eat (+ 60°C) ???   In the end you will answer this question for yourself ... we can’t answer this question for you.  This is because there are numerous variables and though we can tell you it will take from 30 minutes to 50 minutes the final timing will depend on the quantity of your products inside the cabinet & many other factors. HOLDING HOT FOOD HOT-   1. Turn the Rotary Switch to HOLD. 2. A suggestion - set your Holding Thermostat to 70°C for starters. 3. Check, check, check, till you establish a temperature that suits your climate, any draughts, usage, etc., etc. HEATING WHILST HOLDING - 1. Turn Rotary Switch to heat. 2. Do not set your Heating Thermostat above 80°C - we suggest 70°C to 75°C  from our trials. Check, check, check, till you establish your own routine. 3. Turn the Rotary Switch back to HOLD as soon as you can. STAND-BY - For use when room ambient is above 22°C. This is just what it means, the food is hot and there is no action.  Everything is on stand-by - so turn Rotary Switch to STAND-BY. Then turn back to HOLD or HEAT as needed. (These instructions are effective as of 1st July, 2010.)         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  KAM 8-4 HEATING, HOLDING & DISPLAY CABINET for PORTION-CONTROLLED FOODS Knowing that the best is yet to be made, our Cabinets incorporates our latest improvements. Our ongoing commitment is to challenge ourselves to make our best, better, and this is in line with Item 8 of our Terms & Conditions of Quotation, Sale & Supply. Electronics - Our Cabinets no longer have them. We don't like failures & since the introduction of Electronics in an attempt to achieve a more effective & compliant result,  the failure rate has escalated, even with the electronic equipment requiring (at more cost) computer cooling. This did not exist pre-Electronics. The desire to heat from cold (not frozen) has continuously grown, well beyond the original concept to hold what's already hot in good condition, without deterioration, for as long as possible. Maintenance Costs - KAM Cabinets are made for decades of use (not just years). Achieving this includes reducing the number of wearing parts, lengthening the life of those remaining wearing parts, making them easier to replace and containing their cost. Improvements covering these issues and others have been incorporated into our new Cabinets. That's why our new Cabinets will be different in some ways to earlier KAM 8 Cabinets you may have used.  Please do read the usage suggestions before putting your cabinet into use. Your comments & feedback are always welcome. Thank you. For: WARRANTY WORK  please refer Terms & Conditions of Sale then phone 1800 730 526 For:  GENERAL BACK-UP  or  Maintenance and Correct Replacement Parts,  phone 1800 730 526 from anywhere within Australia. Never allow anyone (Tradespeople included) to remove the opaque Polycarbonate Diffuser Light Covers or the Service Access Lid of Cabinet until the Electric Power Lead is removed from the Power Point, as live wires and screws are exposed and accessible when these Covers are removed. Then make sure all Covers are put back in place before replugging into Power Outlet and using Cabinet. The see-thru, side-hinged Polvcarb Doors will expand and contract much more when heated over 80°C. These Doors by design have loose top and bottom caps so as to move with this expansion. The central side door caps are adjustable by loosening and tightening the Door Handle fixing screws, to eliminate any gap in the centre. Adjust when Cabinet is up to working temperature for best results. LIGHTING. Intermittent, faulty, and shorter Lighting Life will occur if Lights are left on when heating above 80°C. The Light Tubes used are Philips ALTO Colour-Corrected l8W /830 New Generation Triphosphor (warm white) and we specify use only Phi lips S2XTL Green Starters that are RoHS Compliant. There is NO Warranty on Glass, Polycarbonate, Light Tubes and Starters. Don't sabotage your quality. All Individual Food Portions must be placed on Wire Shelves and not on Trays (which will restrict the air flow around each Food Portion). For the same reason, don't put Food Portions on the Base under the Bottom Wire Shelf.